A fabulous routine for a Welsh (or bread!) loving audience! The life of Butterfly FooFoo from being a Caterpillar to becoming a huge illuminated flying insect!
Freedom! Suzy SnowFlake!
 FooFoo dominates and flexes her muscles whilst caressing her night stick! This bejewelled Traffic Cop strips to become a Pride Showgirl. Classic winter themed in a beautiful snow flake/candy cane costume, but things are not what they seem...
XXXmas Tree! An energetic and animated seasonal balloon pop. Walk about!
Human Inside! Ursula Sea Witch!
Half machine, half human or is she an android? Your favourite Sea Witch.
Light Up Lumiere! LED Butterfly!
A show stopping act with a spectacular costume. LED Butterfly wings, various costume stylings avalible.
Bellydance! An accomplished and experience belly dancer FooFoo/Stephanie has a wealth of performing experience

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